Monday, August 21, 2006

still no classes..... grrr

it's been soooo long since i've been in the classroom... and at this very moment, i am at home, waiting for the time to speed up... still no classes today... grr... haha, you must think i'm weird for wanting to be in school. i'm telling you, if you've been cut off from your classroom as long as i have during the school year, you'd feel the same way. plus i never had fun during the fair (centennial celebration of our school), well i did but not that much... and then there was my boring birthday (august 2) which is always near testing dates... haha... i miss everything: the classroom, the mess, the people, the work... but i do love the review sessions... hehehe. cards are due this week, hope my grades aren't as low as i hope... =)

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