Wednesday, September 13, 2006

indivisibility of atoms, where god came from, and the real measure of intelligence...


"Where did God come from?" This question is probably one of the most mystifying questions of our faith. Who here can truly say that he knows where God came from? No one. Not even the wisest nor the holiest of all can give an answer that will satisfy the average person's thirst for knowledge. They say that because God is the ultimate being, nothing comes before Him. (Don't get me wrong; I am a Christian and I actively participate in church. This question more or less bugs us at a certain point, and I thought it would be best for me to let this out of my system.)

They also said the same thing about the atom. Remember John Dalton? One of the postulates of his atomic theory was that the atom was indivisible. Some time after, the modern atomic theory was 'concocted'. Now, that old postulate of Dalton has been disproved. Thanks to nuclear fission, the atom can be divided.

Let's shift our attention to other religions. Most of them are somewhat a collection of ideals formulated by a person (for example Buddha... no offense). What if history repeats itself? What if our religion was just an idea of a person, a way of giving hope to the people?

Think about it.


Are grades/numbers really a measure of intelligence?


We all know for a fact that there are basically two kinds of students: the ones who aren't really that intelligent but are very industrious (people at the top of the honors list, usually), and the ones who have been graced with talent but seem to lack a sense of responsibility (the nobodies... hehe). From that statement alone, you can all deduce what I mean.

The real measure of intelligence (for me, again) is not the grades. It's not the genius in a person either. It's how people use that genius. Everyone has an Einstein inside of them, not everyone uses it, though.

You may have been showered with artistic ability, but do you use it to your advantage? You may have been given an analytical mind, but do you apply it in school or work? You may have received "God's voice", but do you share it with everyone else?

Think about it.



redder said...

How can you have an analytical mind and not use it?
But you're right-it is really our choices that matter.

toomuchnoise said...

ei... un ung sa cor-unum! astig! i didn't know you took it from your blog! =)